Where GIS and Travel Intersect!


On this website, you’ll find reviews of the latest GIS (geographic information system) software and devices for travelers on the go. In addition, there will be informational articles on a variety of GIS-related topics such as geocoding, data types, mapping, case studies, imagery, addresses, and much more.

The travel section will include GIS data for popular locations with downloadable datasets for your apple and android apps, watches, or other GPS devices. These days, there are many companies, cities, counties, and state agencies sharing a wealth of information that can be utilized by GIS and travel enthusiasts to enhance the quality of any vacation or trip.

Some might wonder why they would need GIS data for a vacation when something like Google Maps exists. Well, one of the goals of this site is to provide real examples of why that data can be valuable and should always be loaded onto your devices. One of the most important reasons is that your GPS will continue to function even when your Wi-Fi or cellular networks won’t. No signal, no problem!

An updated site is in progress, so bookmark this page and come back regularly to see all the new content.