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All Large Cities, Cities with more than: half, one, two, three, four, five million people

Large Cities in the World

This page lists all cities with population of more than 100,000 in the world. There are about 3400 cities in this list. Each city is listed with its country, population, longitude, latitude and NAC. The link on the city is to open its web page, the link on the country is to open the web page of the country, and the link on the NAC is to open the map of the city. The NAC of a city is very useful information that is a universal code for the area. You can conveniently get the map for the area by simply typing in the four-character NAC in the world map servers on this site without needs to specify country, city, longitude, latitude, width, or height of the map. NAC (Natural Area Code) is an invention of NAC Geographic Products Inc. and it has many applications. One of them is the ten-character Universal Address that can uniquely specify any address on the earth surface. The Universal Address is language independent and can be found by GPS units or maps with NAC grids.

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City Country Population Longitude Latitude Map
Donetsk Ukraine 1121200 37.8348 L4 R0
Dongshan China 1413036 113.3722.52 SF LQ
Dongwan China 1736869 113.7323.03 SG LT
Douala Cameroon 1029731 9.724.07 HS HN
Ecatepec Mexico 1218135 -99.0719.58 6Q L7
Ekaterinoburg Russia 1277963 60.656.85 N1 SG
El Jadida Morocco 1220000 -8.533.21 G8 NJ
Esfahan Iran 1220595 51.6832.68 M9 NF
Fengcheng China 1018911 115.7728.2 SM MP
Fortaleza Brazil 1846955 -38.58-3.75 CR GC
Fukuoka Japan 1275165 130.533.5 TV NK
Fulin China 1004712 102.7229.35 RJ MV
Fushun China 1388011 123.8841.87 T9 PZ
Fuzhou China 1395739 119.326.08 SX MB
Giza Egypt 2144000 30.8530.05 KK N0
Guadalajara Mexico 1626152 -103.3320.67 6C LF
Guangzhou China 3918010 113.2523.12 SF LT
GUATEMALA Guatemala 1675589 -90.3714.63 7G KF
Guayaquil Ecuador 1508444 -79.92-2.22 8B GL
Guikong China 1377391 111.7222.33 S9 LP
Guiyang China 1664709 106.7226.58 RV MD
Hamburg Germany 1705872 1053.55 HT RW
Handan China 1769315 114.4836.58 SJ P2
Hangzhou China 2589504 120.1730.25 T0 N1
HANOI Vietnam 1089760 105.8721.02 RS LH
Haozhou China 1198295 118.530.18 SV N0
HARARE Zimbabwe 1189103 31.05-17.83 KK D0
Harbin China 3597404 126.6545.75 TJ QL
Hefei China 1099523 117.2831.85 SR N9
Hengyang China 1814936 112.3526.97 SB MG

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