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All Large Cities, Cities with more than: half, one, two, three, four, five million people

Large Cities in the World

This page lists all cities with population of more than 100,000 in the world. There are about 3400 cities in this list. Each city is listed with its country, population, longitude, latitude and NAC. The link on the city is to open its web page, the link on the country is to open the web page of the country, and the link on the NAC is to open the map of the city. The NAC of a city is very useful information that is a universal code for the area. You can conveniently get the map for the area by simply typing in the four-character NAC in the world map servers on this site without needs to specify country, city, longitude, latitude, width, or height of the map. NAC (Natural Area Code) is an invention of NAC Geographic Products Inc. and it has many applications. One of them is the ten-character Universal Address that can uniquely specify any address on the earth surface. The Universal Address is language independent and can be found by GPS units or maps with NAC grids.

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City Country Population Longitude Latitude Map
Bloemfontein South Africa 126867 26.23-29.12 K5 B4
Blumenau Brazil 221329 -49.12-26.92 BW BH
Boa Vista Brazil 159979 -60.722.85 9X HG
Bobo Dioulasso Burkina Faso 268926 -4.311.18 GM JT
Bobruisk Belarus 227100 29.1753.13 KD RT
Bochum Germany 401129 7.1851.47 HK RK
Bodong China 116470 132.845.75 V2 QL
Bogor Indonesia 285000 106.75-6.57 RV FW
Boise City United States 145987 -102.5236.73 6F P3
Bojnurd Iran 125661 57.3237.47 MR P7
Bokaro Steel City India 333683 85.9223.77 Q4 LX
Boksburg South Africa 119890 28.25-26.22 KB BL
Bologna Italy 168905 11.3344.5 HX QD
Bolton United Kingdom 265175 -2.4353.58 GR RW
Bolzano Italy 143698 11.3746.5 HX QQ
Boma Congo, Democratic Republic of the 197617 13.05-5.83 J2 G0
Bombay India 9925891 72.8518.98 P2 L4
Bonn Germany 293072 7.150.73 HK RF
Boras Sweden 102840 12.9257.73 J2 SL
Bordeaux France 210467 -0.5744.83 GX QG
Borisov Belarus 153500 28.554.15 KC S0
Borujerd Iran 212056 48.833.92 M2 NM
Boshan China 722896 99.1525.12 R7 M5
Boston United States 547725 -71.0742.33 92 Q1
Botosani Romania 128322 26.6847.73 K6 QX
Botou China 1228772 110.0540.6 S5 PR
Botshabelo South Africa 177926 29.4-25.7 KF BP
Bottrop Germany 119669 6.9251.52 HK RK
Bouake Cote dIvoire 329850 -57.7 GK J8
Bourgas Bulgaria 198439 27.4542.5 K8 Q2

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