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  "hotel", "restaurant, chinese", "park", "gas station", "museum", "school"   NAC ("8K PG"), address ("45 Yonge St, Toronto, ON, Canada"), city ("New York, NY"), POI (" United Nations, New York, NY") or postcode/ZIP ("12345", "M1W 2N8, Canada")  
Note: it currently searches Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and USA. When an American street address is used, the country name can be ignored.
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How to use:
This NAC Enhanced Google Local Search allows you to use keywords to search any kind of businesses near any location as given by a Natural Area Code (NAC), a Universal Address (i.e. an eight or ten character NAC), a street address, a point of interest, a city or a ZIP/postcode. If the location is specified not by a NAC or Universal Address and the location is not in the United States, the country name must be included in the address.

This Local Search not only gives you the power to search nearby businesses but also functions as a business Universal Address lookup system because each of its found items will include the corresponding Universal Address. The Universal Address of a business is geographically equivalent to its street address, but it is language independent, 80% shorter than the corresponding street address and can be directly measured with GPS receivers.

You may have noticed that the map displays the Universal Address and longitude/latitude of the cursor when the cursor is moving on the map, and the Universal Address of the center when the cursor is out of the map. If the map is double-clicked, it will be recentered to the clicking point. Therefore, you can also use it to find the Universal Address of any location on the map.

About NAC and Universal Address
A Natural Area Code (NAC) can represent both an area or a location anywhere in the world. A two, four, six, eight or ten character NAC represents respectively an area about 1000km X 700km (like a province), 33km X 23km (like a city), one square kilometer (like a street block), 35m X 25m (like a building) or one square meter anywhere in the world. Since an eight or ten character NAC has reached the resolution of a traditional address, it is also called a Universal Address, for example, NAC: 8KDB PGFD is the Universal Address of Washington Monument. Using a NAC instead of a traditional address to specify a location can reduce 80% of key input, avoid difficulties in inputting addresses with foreign characters, eliminate the needs of address databases and specify all locations no matter whether there are traditional addresses or not. A group of neighboring NACs can be combined into one NAC such as: 8C Q8 plus 8D Q8 plus 8F Q8 can be written as 8C-F Q8. If the character after the hyphen represents a number smaller than the character before the hyphen, it means a rotation, e.g., 8CX-2 Q8S represents 8CX Q8S plus 8CZ Q8S plus 8D1 Q8S plus 8D2 Q8S (note there are no vowels: A, E, I, O, U, Y in any NAC). A NAC like 8C0-Z Q8D can be simplified to 8C Q8D. Therefore, a NAC can be used to represent various rectangular areas anywhere in the world.

To show the location of a NAC, use PGGM (White House).
To find nearby businesses, use station&addr=8CFC PGFC.

Note: Natural Area Code, NAC and Universal Address are trade marks of NAC Geographic Products Inc.
(c) 2006 NAC Geographic Products Inc.