NAC Enhanced Google Driving Directions

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Start location
Stop location(s) separated with semicolons
End location
Location can be a NAC or lat/lon, street address, POI or ZIP of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and USA such as:
1235 Main St N, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 6M4, Canada8180 11th Street S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2H 3B5, Canada; 9731-19th Ave., Edmonton, Alberta T6N 1N5, Canada1103 Lakeside Dr., Nelson, British Columbia V1L 5Z3, Canada
49.47500118,-119.58289738CND Q9BJ; 4168 Finch Ave. E., Toronto, ON, Canada8KDB PGFD
12345, USAM1S 5H6, Canada; 8CNJ Q8ZGYonge & Bloor, Toronto, ON, Canada
New York, NY, USA Toronto, ON, Canada

About NAC and Universal Address
A Natural Area Code (NAC) can represent both an area or a location anywhere in the world. A two, four, six, eight or ten character NAC represents respectively an area about 1000km X 700km (like a province), 33km X 23km (like a city), one square kilometer (like a street block), 35m X 25m (like a building) or one square meter anywhere in the world. Since an eight or ten character NAC has reached the resolution of a traditional address, it is also called a Universal Address, for example, NAC: 8KDB PGFD is the Universal Address of Washington Monument. Using a NAC instead of a traditional address to specify a location can reduce 80% of key input, avoid difficulties in inputting addresses with foreign characters, eliminate the needs of address databases and specify all locations no matter whether there are traditional addresses or not. A group of neighboring NACs can be combined into one NAC such as: 8C Q8 plus 8D Q8 plus 8F Q8 can be written as 8C-F Q8. If the character after the hyphen represents a number smaller than the character before the hyphen, it means a rotation, e.g., 8CX-2 Q8S represents 8CX Q8S plus 8CZ Q8S plus 8D1 Q8S plus 8D2 Q8S (note there are no vowels: A, E, I, O, U, Y in any NAC). A NAC like 8C0-Z Q8D can be simplified to 8C Q8D. Therefore, a NAC can be used to represent various rectangular areas anywhere in the world.

Using this page as a link: Q8ZG&waypoints=8CFG Q8HJ; 8CDF Q90J&to=8CDN Q8PK&locale=en

Note: Natural Area Code, NAC and Universal Address are trade marks of NAC Geographic Products Inc.
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