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Complete lists of all cities, towns and villages can be found on the pages of individual provinces.
See the List of States and Territories here.
Find a city or a town in United States:

Large Cities of United States

City Province Longitude Latitude NAC Map
Akron Ohio -81.51917 41.08139 86 PT Open
Albuquerque New Mexico -106.65056 35.08444 63 NT Open
Anaheim California -117.91361 33.83528 55 NM Open
Anchorage Alaska -149.90028 61.21806 2H T6 Open
Arlington Texas -97.10778 32.73556 6W NF Open
Atlanta Georgia -84.38806 33.74889 7Z NL Open
Aurora Colorado -104.83139 39.72944 67 PL Open
Austin Texas -97.74278 30.26694 6T N1 Open
Baltimore Maryland -76.6125 39.29028 8L PJ Open
Baton Rouge Louisiana -91.15444 30.45056 7D N2 Open
Birmingham Alabama -86.8025 33.52056 7Q NK Open
Boston Massachusetts -71.06028 42.35833 92 Q1 Open
Buffalo New York -78.87861 42.88639 8D Q4 Open
Charlotte North Carolina -80.84333 35.22694 87 NV Open
Chicago Illinois -87.65 41.85 7N PZ Open
Cincinnati Ohio -84.45694 39.16194 7X PH Open
Cleveland Ohio -81.69556 41.49944 85 PW Open
Colorado Springs Colorado -104.82083 38.83389 67 PG Open
Columbus Ohio -82.99889 39.96111 82 PM Open
Corpus Christi Texas -97.39611 27.80028 6V MM Open
Dallas Texas -96.8 32.78333 6X NF Open
Denver Colorado -104.98417 39.73917 67 PL Open
Detroit Michigan -83.04583 42.33139 82 Q1 Open
El Paso Texas -106.48639 31.75861 63 N8 Open
Fort Worth Texas -97.32056 32.72528 6V NF Open
Fresno California -119.77139 36.74778 50 P3 Open
Honolulu Hawaii -157.85833 21.30694 1T LJ Open
Houston Texas -95.36306 29.76306 71 MX Open
Indianapolis Indiana -86.15806 39.76833 7S PL Open
Jacksonville Florida -81.65583 30.33194 85 N1 Open
Jersey City New Jersey -74.07806 40.72806 8S PR Open
Kansas City Missouri -94.57833 39.09972 73 PH Open
Las Vegas Nevada -115.13639 36.175 5D P0 Open
Lexington-Fayette Kentucky -84.45861 38.04972 7X PB Open
Long Beach California -118.18833 33.76694 54 NL Open
Los Angeles California -118.24278 34.05222 54 NN Open
Louisville Kentucky -85.75944 38.25417 7T PC Open
Memphis Tennessee -90.04889 35.14944 7G NT Open
Mesa Arizona -111.82194 33.42222 5N NK Open
Miami Florida -80.19389 25.77389 89 M8 Open
Milwaukee Wisconsin -87.90639 43.03889 7N Q5 Open
Minneapolis Minnesota -93.26361 44.98 76 QG Open
Mobile Alabama -88.04306 30.69417 7M N3 Open
New Orleans Louisiana -90.075 29.95444 7G MZ Open
New York New York -74.00639 40.71417 8S PR Open
Newark New Jersey -74.17278 40.73556 8S PR Open
Norfolk Virginia -76.28556 36.84667 8M P4 Open
Oakland California -122.26972 37.80444 4S P9 Open
Oklahoma City Oklahoma -97.51611 35.4675 6V NW Open
Omaha Nebraska -95.9375 41.25861 70 PV Open
Philadelphia Pennsylvania -75.16417 39.95222 8Q PM Open
Phoenix Arizona -112.07333 33.44833 5M NK Open
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania -79.99611 40.44056 8B PQ Open
Portland Oregon -122.675 45.52361 4R QK Open
Raleigh North Carolina -78.63889 35.77194 8F NX Open
Richmond Virginia -77.46056 37.55361 8J P7 Open
Riverside California -117.39528 33.95333 56 NM Open
Rochester New York -77.61583 43.15472 8H Q5 Open
Sacramento California -121.49333 38.58167 4V PD Open
San Antonio Texas -98.49333 29.42389 6R MW Open
San Diego California -117.15639 32.71528 57 NF Open
San Francisco California -122.41833 37.775 4R P8 Open
San Jose California -121.89389 37.33944 4T P6 Open
Santa Ana California -117.86694 33.74556 55 NL Open
Seattle Washington -122.33083 47.60639 4S QX Open
Stockton California -121.28972 37.95778 4V P9 Open
Tampa Florida -82.45861 27.94722 83 MM Open
Toledo Ohio -83.55528 41.66389 81 PX Open
Tucson Arizona -110.92583 32.22167 5Q NC Open
Tulsa Oklahoma -95.9925 36.15389 70 P0 Open
Virginia Beach Virginia -75.97833 36.85278 8N P4 Open
Washington Washington DC -77.03667 38.895 8K PG Open
Wichita Kansas -97.33722 37.69222 6V P8 Open

Universal Address Makes Blackberry Maps Work Everywhere

NAC Enhanced Google Maps

  NAC of any area/location in the world ("8K PG", "8KDB PGFD"), any address of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and USA ("1708 L St NW, Washington, DC", "Europaallee 23, Frechen, Germany"), city ("New York, NY"), POI ("United Nations, New York, NY") or ZIP ("12345")  

NAC Enhanced Google Local Search

Keywords Location
  "hotel", "restaurant, chinese", "park", "gas station", "museum", "school"   NAC ("8K PG"), address ("1708 L St NW, Washington, DC"), city ("New York, NY"), POI (" United Nations, New York, NY") or ZIP ("12345")  
Searching any businesses and POI in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and USA

NAC Enhanced Google Driving Directions

Start location
Stop location(s) separated with semicolons
End location
Location: NAC or lat/lon, street address, ZIP of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and USA, e.g.:
1235 Main St N, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 6M4, Canada8180 11th Street S.E., Calgary, Alberta T2H 3B5, Canada; 9731-19th Ave., Edmonton, Alberta T6N 1N5, Canada1103 Lakeside Dr., Nelson, British Columbia V1L 5Z3, Canada
49.47500118,-119.58289738CND Q9BJ; 4168 Finch Ave. E., Toronto, ON, Canada8KDB PGFD
12345, USAM1S 5H6, Canada; 8CNJ Q8ZGYonge & Bloor, Toronto, ON, Canada
New York, NY, USA Toronto, ON, Canada

The Universal Address System and
the Natural Area Coding System

The Natural Area Code (NAC) is a unified, highly efficient and language independent representation of an area or a location anywhere in the world. An eight or ten character NAC (also called a Universal Address) can be used to specify any area or location in the world to the resolution of 30 meters or one meter. That is, each building, house, bus stop, fire hydrant, sewage exit, street light, electric wire pole, parking meter, etc anywhere in the world can be uniquely represented by a Universal Address. You can also use Universal Addresses to specify temperary locations such as traffic accidents, fishing spots, dating benches, BBQ tables, camps, etc. Now Universal Addresses have been widely implemented into various location based services. Businesses (restaurants, hotels, camping sites, ski sites, etc) marked with Universal Addresses can significantly ease their customers to find them and therefore to increase their revenues because using a Universal Address instead of a street address can reduce 80% of key input, avoid difficulties in inputting addresses with foreign characters and eliminate errors from street address databases (variations, outdating, multiple matching, wrong matching, etc).

Universal Address Lookup Service

Locamagic - Universal Address Enhanced Wireless GPS Location Application

In addition to traditional street addresses, street intersections, postal codes, city names, points of interest, now people in Canada, US, Brazil and Singapore can use Universal Addresses to access all location based services on their wireless GPS enhanced devices to get locating, navigating, nearby business searching, cellphone tracking and friends monitoring services. With Locamagic, you will know where you are exactly in Universal Address, street address and local color maps. You will even be able to get all the detail information of any location in the world. You can get turn-by-turn driving directions and real-time navigating instructions and route maps from any location to your destination. Your family will be able to see exactly where you are anywhere in the world on the web browser at home. With Locamagic, you and your friends can monitor the locations of each other in real-time no matter where you are. You can even use Locamagic to track trucks, taxis and other mobile assets.

Using Universal Addresses to specify locations can reduce 80% of key input, avoid the difficulties in inputting foreign characters, eliminate errors from address databases, and extend location services to all locations no matter whether there are street addresses or not. Locamagic not only provides the Universal Address of your current location anywhere in the world, but also provides the Universal Addresses of all local amenities, that makes all the needed Universal Addresses available to the users. You can use Universal Addresses to specify the locations for dating, fishing, camping or simply your current location for people to find you. Police officers can use Universal Addresses to write down the exact location for each parking ticket or accident. Emergency services can use Universal Addresses to simplify the communication of the exact locations of emergency. Municipal workers can use Universal Addresses to efficiently locate all the roadside objects such as electric wire poles, street lights, fire hydrants, sewage exits, trees, bus stops, etc. Reasl estate agents can use Universal Addresses to locate houses and buildings and retrieve their information from databases.

Get Your Universal Address! Promote Your Business!

With Universal Address on your business cards, websites, flyers, brochures and other advertisements, your customers will find you much easier through various location based services such as the world most comprehensive online/wireless location based services - Mobile Location Based Services Network (http://mlbs.net) and TravelGIS Driving Directions Service (http://www.TravelGIS.com/directions/), which provide turn-by-turn driving directions services, street maps and business searches of the whole North America and 16 countries of Europe.

It is completely free to get your Universal Address here. There are thousands of businesses that have enjoyed the benefits from the Universal Addresses. Here is a partial list of web pages that have include the Universal Address as part of their contact information.

The Universal Address System introduces a highly efficient unified representation of an address, postal code, area code, geographic coordinates and map grid coordinates in the world. It connects all location related products, services and technologies (see Diagram). An eight character Universal Address can uniquely specify every building in the world. A ten-character Universal Address can uniquely specify any square meter in the world. They are easily remembered, can be pinpointed on all maps and navigated with GPS receivers. Using Universal Addresses instead of street addresses to specify locations can 1) reduce 80% of input keys, 2) avoid difficulties in inputting addresses with foreign characters, 3) eliminate errors from address databases, and 4) extend location based services to all locations no matter whether there are addresses or not. They are especially significant on small wireless devices and car navigation systems.

You can look up your Universal Address here, and try Universal Address powered driving directions services for desktop computers and wireless devices. They provide cross-nation turn-by-turn driving directions for 26 countries for FREE. For more information about the Universal Address System, please see http://www.nacgeo.com/nacsite/.

The Universal Address is becoming a necessity for all location based services, navigation tools, maps, geographic information systems and mapping software. If you are developing, manufacturing, providing or publishing location related products or services, please call (416) 496 6110 or check http://www.nacgeo.com/nacsite/ to license NAC Technology.


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