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1. Location Signature
With the NAC Enhanced Google Maps, everybody can otain the Natural Area Code (NAC) of any area and the Universal Address (i.e the eight or ten character NAC) of any location in the world instantly. Everybody can also get the local map corresponding to any NAC including Universal Address immediately. Thus, it is the time to use the NAC as the standard, efficient and language independent location signature to specify any area or location in the world for any publications: web pages, emails, newspapers, etc. A news report including the NAC such as: "A school bus collided with a Canadian Pacific Railway truck yesterday (2006-10-17) about 13 kilometers west of Regina, SK, Canada (NAC: 688S RDBD)" can greatly help readers find the exact location on all NAC enhanced maps. NAC can also be inserted into web pages as a meta tag and photographs to get mapped and searched on local search engines.

2. Get the Map of a NAC
Put a NAC into the URL such as: PGFD or input it in the Location box and click "Get Map".

3. Get the NAC of a Location
Use the mouse to pan and/or zoom the map to the area and click the location of interest to get its NAC on both the top and bottom of the map ( the NAC of the center will be displayed when the cursor is not on the map).

4. Get the NAC of a Street Address
Input a street address into the Location box and click "Get Map" which will show the NAC on both the top and bottom of the map which is centered at the street address. Note, country name if other than US should be included in the address.
  NAC ("8KDB PGFD"), address ("4168 Finch Ave. E., Toronto, ON, Canada"), city ("London, UK"), POI ("Eiffel Tower, Paris, France") or Postcode ("M1W 2N8, Canada")  

Frequently Used NACs and Universal Addresses

Baghdad, IraqLN-P NJ
Beijing, ChinaSN-P PM
Berlin, GermanyJ3 RQ
Bombay, IndiaP2 L4
Cairo, EgyptKL N0
Delhi, IndiaPF MR
Hangzhou, ChinaT0 N1
Hong Kong, ChinaSH LP
Istanbul, TurkeyKD PT
Jakarta, IndonesiaRV FZ
London, UKGZ RK
Los Angeles54 NN
Madrid, SpainGN PQ
Melbourne, AustraliaW2 8N-P
Moscow, RussiaL3-4 S8
New York, US8T PR
Okara, PakistanP3 N4
Ottawa, Canada8N QK
Paris, FranceH5 R4
Rome, ItalyJ1 PZ
Shanghai, ChinaT3 N6
Sao Paolo, BrazilC3 C2
Seoul, South KoreaTK P7
SingaporeRM H6
Stockholm, SwedenJH SV
Sydney, AustraliaWK-L 9B
Taibei, ChinaT3 M5
Tokyo, JapanVM NX
Toronto, Canada8C Q8
Washington DC, US8K PG
Point of InterestNAC
Acropolis, GreeceJZ9G P9TP
Arch of TriumphH5SX R497
Arecibo Observatory9F3J L1PL
Buckingham PalaceGZM7 RKH3
CN Tower, Toronto8CHX Q868
Colosseum, RomeJ16W PZFH
Eiffel Tower, ParisH5Q2 R48Q
Forbidden City, BeijingSNZ PMK
Giza Pyramid ComplexKKSP-4 MZV7-1
Great Wall at BadalingSN0H PPR4
Marree Man, AustraliaVFM-N B27-C
The Millennium DomeH00 RKH
Mount EverestQ797 MMVR
Mount Fuji, JapanVJP-X NVL-Z
Nazca Lines8Q1R DJF7
Nazca Lines (1)8Q1 DJH
Nazca Lines (2)8Q7C DJR2
Nazca Lines (3)8PZW DJL5
Nazca Lines (4)8PV DJL
Nazca Lines (5)57M-S P7W-2
Nazca Lines (6)57V P84
Nazca Lines (7)58CX P8D4
Niagara Falls8D9 Q5C
The Pantagon8KBL-Z PGB9-W
Saint Peter's Basilica and SquareJ148 PZHB
Statue of Liberty8SVM PRFC
Sydney Opera HouseWL13 9BPG
Versailles Palace, FranceH592 R40N
Washington Monument8KDB PGFD
Celebrity HomeNAC
10 Downing St, LondonGZNH RKHC
Bill Gates' Home4SCQ-V QX41-6
Brad Pitt's Home547V NNKD
Cher's Malibu Home535P NN50
Eddie Murphy's Home5407 NNGP
Einstein's HouseHLLS QSPX
Elton John's Home53WZ NNGL
Elvis Presley's House7GX8 NT6V
Home of George Lucas4RCD PB9B
George Reeves's Home53WX NNFG
Hulk Hogan' Home82ZG MMQH
Janet Jackson's Home5407 NNC1
Home of John Lennon8T1S PRVH
Johnny Depp's Private Island8LH-J M1P-T
The Kennedy Compound9479 PX4H
Latina Queen Shakira's Home89NZ M94G
Linus Torvalds' House4RB3 QK5N
Marilyn Monroe's House53S4 NN7Z
Mel Gibson's New Private Island021-5 D2M-V
Michael Jackson's Neverland4ZRB-H NRPN-Z
O.J. Simpson's Home4TNM P9N5
Phil Spector's Castle54LC NNC1
Playboy's Mansion53WQ NNCD
Prince's Rental Home540C NNG0
Richard Branson's Private Island9M2-3 L2L-M
Robert Redfords House 53V5 NND8
Russell Simmons' House8SRP PT5M
Shaquille O'Neal's House8649 MQCX
Home of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne53ZZ NNFK
Walt Disney's Home53WV NNDT

About NAC and Universal Address
A Natural Area Code (NAC) can represent both an area or a location anywhere in the world. A two, four, six, eight or ten character NAC represents respectively an area about 1000km X 700km (like a province), 33km X 23km (like a city), one square kilometer (like a street block), 35m X 25m (like a building) or one square meter anywhere in the world. Since an eight or ten character NAC has reached the resolution of a traditional address, it is also called a Universal Address, for example, NAC: 8KDB PGFD is the Universal Address of Washington Monument. Using a NAC instead of a traditional address to specify a location can reduce 80% of key input, avoid difficulties in inputting addresses with foreign characters, eliminate the needs of address databases and specify all locations no matter whether there are traditional addresses or not. A group of neighboring NACs can be combined into one NAC such as: 8C Q8 plus 8D Q8 plus 8F Q8 can be written as 8C-F Q8. If the character after the hyphen represents a number smaller than the character before the hyphen, it means a rotation, e.g., 8CX-2 Q8S represents 8CX Q8S plus 8CZ Q8S plus 8D1 Q8S plus 8D2 Q8S (note there are no vowels: A, E, I, O, U, Y in any NAC). A NAC like 8C0-Z Q8D can be simplified to 8C Q8D. Therefore, a NAC can be used to represent various rectangular areas anywhere in the world.

To show the location of a NAC, use PGGM (White House).
To find nearby businesses, use station&addr=8CFC PGFC.

Note: Natural Area Code, NAC and Universal Address are trade marks of NAC Geographic Products Inc.
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